Gina Lee Trochiano 

Fitness Mogul  &  Entrepreneur


My personal mission statement brings focus and purpose to my life and how I hold values through myself, family and business.  “To serve as a positive role model, live and share a well-balanced life, and dedicated to Inspire, Empower and Engage my family and community’s well-being.”

-IFBB Professional Athlete, Gina Lee Trochiano  CHHC, AADP, BS

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“The amazing part about Gina’s success story is that what really motivates her, is motivating others.  She invests 100 percent of herself in others every day.  Gina Trochiano doesn’t just have a successful fitness career and personal training business, she has the success stories of countless men and women … Gina know how to build self-confidence, inspire greatness and go beyond the ordinary.  She helps empower women with courage, determination and a winning attitude.  For many of us this is a truly life-changing experience and I think that is what Gina’s true talent is; changing people’s lives for the better.”     -Elizabeth Baldwin  –Edison NJ 

Founding Companies

Shaping Systems
Wellness & Bio- Nutrition

Shaping Systems, Wellness and Bio-Nutrition programs offers carious on-line coaching, meal delivery, nutritious products and services to assist in weight loss, muscle gains disease prevention and maintenance. The core philosophy behind Shaping Systems is a science-driven approach through state-of-the-art tracking technologies for members success.  There are four key components to their blueprint of success; Blood Type, Ethnicity and Goals. Coaches are Physicians or Board Certified Holistic Health professionals who are experts in their specific field. This easy to follow program leads the path to a clearly-tailored system to keep members on track and accountable. Learn More

Sweat NJ
Training & Wellness

Reaching your fitness goals, just got convenient with Sweat NJ’s exclusive residential, training and wellness programs. This group of professionals, believes in a full Circle-Of-Health begins from within, benefiting you spiritually, mentally and physically. They inspire through the use of integrative tracking technologies and experience. They, increase community Engagement with sport-fundamental training and semi-private sessions. And they will Reinvent the way you look and feel. Programs are completely customizable, and offers member flexibility.  With a ten-pack, you can use any one of it sessions toward weight and functional training, aquatics, mediation, nutrition or body composition-analyst. Learn More

Sweat NJ Kids
Sports, Fitness & Dance

Sweat NJ Kids offers sports, fitness and dance classes for kids, with convenience to parents!  We’re exclusive to Hudson and Bergen counties luxury waterfront communities offering semi-private and groups sessions for children 15 months to 9 years of age.  Our classes help develop coordination, motor skills, and sport fundamentals while promoting an active healthy lifestyle! Learn More

Destination Glam Squad
Beauty & Anti-aging

Destination Glam Squad offers, luxe in-home beauty and anti-aging services. The DGS team of experts are dedicated physicians, professionals and celebrity artist specializing in Makeup, Tanning, Contouring and Nails. Monthly memberships are offered in three levels and appointments are made on-line, in three simple steps. Our hand-selected, elite beauty professionals and anti-aging specialist, can create any look you desire and arrive fully equipped with tools and products. Learn More

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